MPS / Platforms

Fitting platforms is one of the platform types to transport the containers and oversized cargo. The main feature of these platforms is that they have fitting attachment points for the fastening of containers and other cargo. These platforms are also used for tank transportation. Different models of fitting platforms are for the transportation of 3x20 feet, 1x40 feet or 1x20 feet containers.

Fitinginės platformos

PLATFORM: 4-axis, 12-119

  Inner dimensions(m):
  - length: 18,4
  - width: 2,500

Height from rail(m): 1,275

Permissible load(tn): 60

EURO pallets: 46

Hired wagons

Covered wagons

Covered wagons with a volume of:
138m3, 150m3, 240m3


Semi-wagons of 4, 6 or 8 axles

Dosing hopper

Wagons adapted to deliver the grain and other bulk cargo (bulk wagon)


18 meters length fitting platforms with floor for the transportation of containers and machinery

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