MPS / Dosing hopper

Grain wagon – dosing hopper (bulk wagon)

This type of wagons usually transports bulk cargo. Grain transported by grain wagon, cement transported by cement wagon, fertilizer, pulp, bran, feed and other bulk cargo may be impacted by rainfall.

Wagons Inner dimensions (m) Height from rail (m) Useful volume (m³) Permissible load (tn) EURO- pallets.
Length Width Height
4-axis, 12-532 12,118 2,878 2,060 1,416 69,0 69 30

Hired wagons

Covered wagons

Covered wagons with a volume of:
138m3, 150m3, 240m3


Semi-wagons of 4, 6 or 8 axles

Dosing hopper

Wagons adapted to deliver the grain and other bulk cargo (bulk wagon)


18 meters length fitting platforms with floor for the transportation of containers and machinery

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