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Cargo transportation by covered rail wagons is one of the most widely used methods of industrial cargo transportation. During the transportation, there is always a necessity to protect the cargo from adverse weather conditions, various damages or theft.  The most appropriate type for that are covered wagons. They are used in the transportation of unit, non-standard and bulk cargo requiring protection from rainfall impact. The construction of such wagons (solid enlarged metal body, hatches and doors) is perfectly adapted for loading and unloading of cargoes.

Type of wagon 11-1807 11-7038 11-1807-01
Wagon volume, m³ 138m³ 150m³ 158m³
Track gauge, mm 1520 1520 1520
Capacity, t 67,2 68 66,7
Weight of empty wagon, t 26,8 25+-0,5 27+-0,5
Wagon base, mm 13500+-10 13500+-10 13140+-10
Inner length of wagon, mm 15742 17500 17680
Inner width of wagon, mm 2784 2800 2790
Max height, mm 3200 3200 3400
Floor area, m² 43,9 49 49,3
Door dimensions, mm 3973x2717 3900x2846 3973x2717
Number of doors, pcs. 4 4 4

We offer to use the wagons of 150 -158 m³ enlarged capacity with wide doors: (Because of enlarged metal body and wide doors enable to deliver non-standard and bulk cargo).

We offer all services related to rail logistics and forwarding:
• Transportation of full and partial cargoes;
• Multimodal and intermodal container transportation by rail;
• Services of customs warehouse and broker;
• Transportation of oversized and specifically loaded cargoes;
• Cargo storage and preparation for further transportation;
• Legal paperwork, cargo declaration, preparation of customs and transport documents;
• Rail transportation fees when delivering through territories of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan etc.;
• Truck and sea container transhipment to wagons;
• Representation of customers at railway stations;
• Route planning, traffic control of wagons and containers; We inform you that UAB „Multi Port Systems“ has the fleet of own and hired wagons consisted of: covered wagons with the volumes of 138m³, 150m³ and 240m³, and also 18 meters length fitting platforms with floor for the transportation of containers and machinery (tonnage: 65 - 68 tones).

Hired wagons

Covered wagons

Covered wagons with a volume of:
138m3, 150m3, 240m3


Semi-wagons of 4, 6 or 8 axles

Dosing hopper

Wagons adapted to deliver the grain and other bulk cargo (bulk wagon)


18 meters length fitting platforms with floor for the transportation of containers and machinery

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